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Welcome to the official Eye Level website. The site is designed to give you a feel for the film and provide info on how to order a copy. For a sample of the movie's content, check-out the stills and quotes page. For those desiring a sneak peak, we have created a snappy trailer that's in QuickTime format (there's even a broadband version, for those of you lucky enough to have high speed internet access). And before you go , don't forget to visit the filmmakers' page to find out a little more about whose behind all this..

Eye Level With America's Little People is a 55-minute documentary shot entirely at the National Little People of America Conference of 1998. The film is a window into the experience of attending a national dwarf conference. It covers themes ranging from dating, sports, medical issues, families and diversity.

By focusing on individuals' personal experiences of the conference as well as events and workshops, the film will bring viewers closer to a community that is complex and often misunderstood by the average-sized world.

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